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For as long as the internet and world wide web has been available, I've been building and designing simple, elegant, functional, easy-to-use websites for a multitude of businesses and organisations. From multi-national companies like the CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining, Energy Union), to the Aids Healthcare Foundation, Los Angeles, right through to small, owner-operated businesses where a beautiful site on a tight budget is of utmost importance. Having worked across a large variety of CMS' (Content Management Systems) - Mambo; Joomla; Drupal; to easy to design templates on Wordpress; SquareSpace; WIX - you name it I can build it, on budget, on time, on song.

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Photo by Andres Vargas

Photo by Andres Vargas

"It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what I needed for my website. I have to say, it was worth the wait. Mark was a pleasure to work with. His hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations. Any ideas I had he would expand on them to make them even better, and his attitude was always positive and upbeat. I always felt I was priority number one. He also helped me with some copywriting for intake forms I use for my business, as I needed to simplify them in order to make them more readable. In a nutshell, if you want a great, professional website with a pleasant professional experience, you have found who to help you. Thanks Mark for giving my web site and stationery a new life!" ~ Claudia Saenz Falchetti (Architect/ Yoga Instructor/ Reiki & Energy Healer)

Steph 2.jpg

Working on your website is not always an easy thing especially while balancing a young family and career. Building my website proved to be time consuming and arduous. During our preliminary conversation, Mark provided me with bold suggestions to help set my business apart from the rest. Although I had built the foundation of my site I was unable to complete the laborious tasks, such as copy writing and creating overall continuity without assistance. His unique perspective helped elevate my site. Mark helped improve my online presence and gave me the confidence to go live. ~ Stephanie Li Gomez, Doula (Own Your Birth)

Zoe Stikeman.jpg

"Mark has been exceptional to work with. He designed a website for me that fit the exact vision that I had, and he completely understood what the look and feel should be. I so appreciated how responsive he was to my emails and questions, and I was very grateful that he took the time to hold some of our meetings over skype or phone to ensure that our communication was the clearest possible. I was in a rush to get the website up in preparation for an event, and I was lucky that Mark could meet that deadline for me. There was some written content that I hadn't had time to write yet, and so Mark took the initiative to compose that particular content for me, which went above and beyond my expectations. There were a few times where I wanted Mark to adjust something that he'd done, and he was remarkably open-minded and receptive to my requests. Although there might be many people who can design websites, I think Mark is a rare gem because of how warm, communicative, affable, and personable he was to work with. We never had any misunderstandings because Mark took the time to express himself carefully and precisely. Lucky am I to have found Mark." ~ Zoe Stikeman (Zoe Stikeman Yoga)

Scott Smith 1.jpg

iHeartCanada retained Mark Rasmussen’s services to create a beautiful and functional website. We’ve successfully branded our business online thanks to Mark’s expansive creativity, his professional attention to detail, and his customized approach to working with us. If you’re designing a website, a poster, or any other online content, Mark Rasmussen gets it done with style and function.

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